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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oracle University Training - ADF/WebCenter Spaces 11g & BPM Suite 11g Integration

I will teach one more Oracle University training course, this time in Slovakia, Bratislava. Training will be about ADF/BPM/WebCenter integration and is scheduled for November 7th - 8th. You can get more details and registration on Oracle University site.

If you are interested in ADF/BPM integration topic - read my previous blog posts on this topic.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Next Week - ADF Best Practices ODTUG Webinar

I have finished preparation for my ODTUG webinar next week - ADF Best Practices. Webinar will be hosted as planned - next week Tuesday (September 18th). If you are not registered yet, you can complete registration form here for this free webinar - ADF Best Practices, Andrejus Baranovskis, Red Samurai Consulting.

This webinar will cover advanced ADF areas, agenda will be pretty packed. Mainly I will focus around these 7 topics (some of them I may skip, depending on available time) - typical bugs, fixes, workarounds and best practices:

1. Resolving ADF BC Library imports

2. Master-detail performance improvements

3. Session scope access from ADF BC

4. LOV performance improvements

5. Table loading performance

6. Login and ADF security implementation

7. ADF BC activation/passivation and stress testing

Read more about this webinar from here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Oracle University Training - ADF/WebCenter 11g Development in Depth

If you want to learn in depth ADF/WebCenter technical solutions, tips and tricks, etc. - you should register for my Oracle University workshop - ADF/WebCenter 11g Development in Depth with Andrejus Baranovskis.

Workshop details (online class, accessible from anywhere in the world):

CEL ADF/WebCenter 11g Development in Depth with Andrejus Baranovskis LVC
Dates: 13-DEC-2012/ 14-DEC-2012
Delivery hours: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM London time
  • ADF Business Services 
  • ADF Controller and Bindings 
  • ADF UI 
  • WebCenter Portal 
  • WebCenter Content 
  • WebCenter Services
Read more from Oracle University site: