Thursday, December 21, 2006

JDev/ADF samples list

This week, Steve Muench on his examples page have added a link to my JDev/ADF samples list. Thanks, I'm very proud of this - it is cool, to be a part of Oracle community! Hope, those samples will be useful for people who are working with Oracle/J2EE, I will post new samples routinely. See you!


Unknown said...

Hello I have a table editable and I want to modify the size of each column for not using the scrollbar, and change its width property but does nothing

Anonymous said...


can u plz give information regarding how to create a pie chart in jdeveloper using ADF

Anonymous said...

hi blanquis'
i have a solution for ur query.
u want to reduce ur column's size.
for that u go to property inspector and give columns value u want.

for example :
propert inspector


click view and select property inspector and continue with the above procedure