Sunday, April 15, 2007

Oracle Maps portlet in Oracle WebCenter

Oracle WebCenter is a framework, that allows using standard portlets in your Oracle ADF application. Oracle Maps product is a part of Oracle MapViewer, Oracle Maps functionality can be used by provided JavaScript API. It was interesting for me - how it is possible to integrate both? I mean - develop portlet with Oracle Maps functionality and integrate it into Oracle ADF application JSPX page. It seems, this is possible and it works perfectly. So, with Oracle WebCenter you can use spatially enabled portlets directly in Oracle ADF. Download developed sample -

If you are new to Oracle Maps, it would be helpful to review my previous post - JavaScript in ADF Faces - Oracle Maps. For this sample is used the same spatial datasource - MVDEMO. However, instead of Oracle MapViewer Quickstart Kit, I'm using mapviewer.ear application deployed to WebCenter Preconfigured OC4J. Everything you may need for developing spatially enabled applications can be downloaded from OTN. Detailed information about how to use Oracle WebCenter framework you can find in Oracle WebCenter Framework Tutorial.

Oracle Maps functionality is implemented in portlet view.jsp file using JavaScript code. In view.jsp Oracle Maps JavaScript API file is included, style for map window and it's ID is defined, and lastly map creation code is provided. When those steps are done, developed portlet is integrated and created on map.jspx in standard way, like any other portlet used in Oracle WebCenter framework. Oracle Maps API used in this sample is really simple:

When deploying and running developed application, you should carefully follow steps described in Oracle WebCenter Framework Tutorial - 9 Deploying Your WebCenter Application.

Developed spatial portlet used in Oracle ADF should look similar:

It is possible to refresh or hide it. This functionality is provided by Oracle WebCenter framework.

When running sample application, don't forget to add adf-faces-impl.jar, jsf-impl.jar, custComps.jar and portlet-client-adf.jar to application's WEB-INF\lib directory.

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