Monday, October 15, 2007

Oracle Fusion Middleware Workshop in Vilnius

Today I was on Oracle FMW (Fusion Middleware) Workshop in Vilnius, actually it was a workshop based on my material available in Oracle Fusion User Group (OFUG). There were 22 people auditory, at the beginning I have presented information about Oracle ACE Directors, Oracle Fusion Middleware, Oracle JDeveloper with ADF, and Technical Resources needed to start to work with Oracle JDeveloper and ADF. Presentation took for me about 1 hour, after it people started to solve labs. There were six labs, all of them are available in OFUG for free to download. During labs solving, there were quite many questions about ADF, I was glad to provide answers. At the end I realized, that while answering questions, I got even new knowledge for me. Thanks for great auditory!

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