Thursday, October 2, 2008

JDeveloper 11g Release Candidate for ACE Directors

During Oracle ACE Directors briefing in San Francisco on previous week, Duncan Mills gave JDeveloper 11g Release Candidate for ACE's to test. This build is very close to production they will deliver soon.

What I can say? I really like it, I can't stop testing it during recent days. And, I'm quite surprised in positive way - many bugs from previous builds are fixed, that's good news for us. Main new thing is BEA WebLogic server, its main server now and at least in ACE's build there is no embedded OC4J anymore. Actually, up to some degree I miss good old OC4J. But at the same time, it looks with WebLogic server, application deployment and execution became more stable. WebLogic brings some positive changes in the security area as well, you will see it soon.

One more thing, there will be installer now for JDeveloper. Its related to BEA WebLogic configuration. However, no worries for this, installation process is really quick - up to 5 minutes on my MacBook Pro machine.

Hope you will be able to enjoy JDeveloper 11g production soon.


Anonymous said...

Can you provide any comments on the security changes?

Andrej Baranovskij said...


As Frank Nimphius announced during his session on Open World - security permission declaration is moved from Page Definition files to one central file. Same file where security permissions are defined for ADF Task Flows. Also, there are a couple of new WebLogic configuration related files. But in general, security model remains the same. Good thing - more wizards for declarative development are added.