Sunday, November 8, 2009

Travel to South Africa

Yesterday I have started my trip to South Africa, and today I'm here - Hi Africa! I will deliver ADF 11g training and consulting in Johannesburg.

I was flying through Paris Charles de Gaulle International Airport, I was impressed by its architecture style:

Here is a place near my hotel in Johannesburg suburb, its build in old Italian style:

And its summer here now, all green:

Entertainment here is also good :)


Nick Kirongo said...

Welcome to Africa where man was first made lol! Cheers

Oskar said...

Hi Andrejus

I have another question. In my database i have field that respond for Adres (city,streat itc) it is foregin key from another table. In forms 6i to display adress i use PLSQL function that format adres depend on parameter.
How is the best way to resolve this problem in ADF?

on page i want have display field that have calculate value (plsql function ), field must recalculate value every time i was change my ADRESS_ID on the page. too change adres i use another pages (task-flow with in/out parameter)

Thanks in advice