Sunday, January 30, 2011

Configuring Missing Contribution Folders for Oracle UCM 11g and WebCenter 11g PS3

After installation of Oracle UCM 11g (Enterprise Content Management Suite 11g), you will see that there are no UCM Contribution Folders by default (folder structure is missing). At least, this happened to me and my colleague - we were following standard installation procedures for ECM Suite 11g. Because there are no Contribution Folders enabled by default, WebCenter ADF Task Flows for UCM document management will not work.

After doing some research on UCM, we found that Folders_g component must be configured in UCM, for Contribution Folders to be enabled. If you will search ECM Suite 11g installation guide for Folders_g, will find one entry:

Chapter 5.7 is about Desktop Integration Suite configuration, however it gives some insights about Folders_g configuration as well - it is possible to enable this component from UCM Administration wizard home page (open UCM Admin Server and scroll down on its home page to Folders section):

Select check-box for Folders_g component from UCM Admin home screen, restart UCM Managed Server and here we go - Contribution Folders available:

To enable UCM connection from WebCenter Spaces, first enable RIDC access to UCM by specifying IP Address Filter. This can be done through Oracle Enterprise Manager, I have set access for any IP and 7777 port for RIDC connections:

Configure WebCenter Spaces to access UCM through RIDC socket connection:

WebCenter Spaces 11g PS3 Document service works fine, ADF Task Flows for UCM document management allow to upload/download content:


Unknown said...

Hi Andrejus in the last days i read your blog and i think you're the expert in OFM.
I have a question'¿how i can connect site studio whit web center spaces PS3? for view contributor mode in spaces.

Thanks a lot

Unknown said...

Related to the Webcenter Spaces integration with UCM. There are still no basic information on how to configure the default WC Spaces search for different Group Spaces (Space). When you create a Space, you would see an equivalent folder created in UCM under spaces/ but that GUID (A long alpha numeric number for a space) is an account in UCM. Now is there a basic document on how to configure this for all other users. As I am getting an access denied error in the spaces for Spaces >> All Settings >> Content tab.

Andrej Baranovskij said...

May eb this link will help -

I didnt saw additional info myself.


Niels Krijger said...

Thank you Andrejus for your excellent solution, saved me quite a bit of time!

One small change has been introduced in the more recent UCM versions (I'm using; you will no longer find a Folders_g component directly in the admin server panel. Instead, click on a link "Advanced Component Manager" at the top of the page. Afterwards, you'll be able to activate the Folders_g component and establish your UCM connection in jDeveloper. This is also explained here:

From what I understand the Folders_g component is no longer the preferred folder hierachy component and you should consider using the new "FrameworkFolders" component instead. I did find some other sources discussing these problems but haven't found a way to connect to the new FrameworkFolders component in jDeveloper; my guess is it isn't supported (yet) in

Anonymous said...

i have installed oracle ECM 11g, Oracle webcenter portal 11g, Oracle soa 11g after installing the db11g, rcu, jdev, weblogic server...

i can see oracle ecm 11g, oracle webcenter portal 11g, oracle soa 11g in my start -- programs .... but i do not know how to configure these.. i want to configure one admin server and then to have a ucm, webcenter spaces,webcenter portal, soa managed servers... can you share me some link as to how the configuration should be done.