Sunday, June 19, 2011

How to Open ADF BC Configuration Wizard in JDev 11g R2

It might be misleading how to open ADF BC configuration wizard in JDev 11g R2. Same menu option exists as in previous JDev releases - right click on AM and choose Configurations. This should open ADF BC configuration wizard, but in latest JDev release it opens bc4j.xcfg file and lists available configurations. However, there is no option to edit existing configurations (only add or remove):

Property inspector displays some settings for selected configuration, but its only subset of all available properties we can define:

In order to open complete ADF BC configuration wizard, you should go through workaround path and open AM module wizard first and then select Configurations section there:

Select edit option for available configuration, ADF BC configuration wizard will be opened, where we can define AM Pool parameters, etc.:

One more thing to learn about JDev 11g R2 - JDBC Data Source is set now by default for AM database connection:

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