Monday, June 24, 2013

Announcement - Red Samurai Code Quality Tool Version 2.0

We are busy packaging new version of our Code Quality Tool. Previous version was posted almost 3 years back - Red Samurai Tool - JDeveloper 11g Extension to Validate ADF Code Quality Version 1.1. It is time to update it now, based on new experience from ADF projects. We are going to include only generic rules that possibly can be applied for variety of ADF projects.

Main new features:

1. Compatible with JDeveloper 11g R2

2. Based on standard JDeveloper OJAudit engine

3. Rules are executed and displayed instantly during design time, together with standard JDeveloper warnings and errors

4. Command line execution is possible through OJAudit profile

5. Automated fixing rules. These rules report code quality violation and do automatic fixing in batch

6. Easily extendable, new rules can be added anytime through separate Java class

7. Configurable through JDeveloper environment:

Stay tuned, download will be available soon.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Eagerly awaiting the release of the tool.