Sunday, July 14, 2013

JDeveloper 12c New Feature - Explore Dependencies

There is new exciting feature available in JDeveloper 12c - Explore Dependencies. This works across all MVC layers (fragments, pages, task flows, bindings, model) and shows visual dependencies and connections between various files from your application. Below I will give couple of examples for typical ADF application.

1. DataBindings.cpx file dependencies

This shows all fragments/pages and page definition files included into DataBindings.cpx. You can expand page definition further and will see all VO's referenced from that page definition. Expand VO and will be able to see referenced EO's, VO links, etc.:

2. ADF/JSF fragment dependencies

You can see ADF task flow where selected fragment belongs and DataBindings.cpx file where it is referenced:

3. Page Definiton dependencies

Here we can get a list of referenced VO's, explore further and get a list of referenced EO's by selected VO:

4. View Object dependencies

Dependencies diagram brings very useful info and displays page definition and AM files where current VO is included:

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