Friday, August 16, 2013

WebCenter Portal - New Name for WebCenter Spaces in

There is a name change in WebCenter with the recent release. WebCenter Spaces is not a fancy name anymore, Spaces is renamed to Portal. Simply speaking, if you are running Spaces - means you will be running now WebCenter Portal. On other hand, if you are running custom application built with WebCenter Portal Framework - this is also a Portal, just custom made.

WebCenter Portal (previously Spaces) UI is improved in and performance wise is quite well responsive. Here is main login screen:

WebCenter Content access works from WebCenter Portal only if Content Server is configured with Folders_g component, it still doesn't work with new FrameworkFolders:

In terms of UI - all popups are removed from WebCenter Portal interface, this makes UI look cleaner. For example, preferences can be edited now in the same window, without opening separate popup:

There is Portal Builder wizard - central place to import/export and manage portals:

Portal template grouping and description is more user friendly:


Muhammad Nasir said...

thanks for nice info!

Andreas Koop said...

Hi Andrejus,

according to the WebCenter download page the design time support for WebCenter is

- JDeveloper
- WebCenter Extensions for JDeveloper

I cannot find the later one for download. Do you have any idea/hint? Or is it just not released yet. documentation bug?


Andrejus Baranovskis said...

Yes, WebCenter JDEV extension is not available yet, documentation is correct. Probably release management issue :) As I know - new extension for JDEV should be available sooner or later.


pondrejk said...

It is already released.
You can get it from JDev from Help -> Check for Updates, or download it manually from here:

Andrejus Baranovskis said...

Yes, it was released last week - week after portal release.


Sebastián Sigalovsky said...

Hi Andrejus, I need your help.
I have a simple fusion web application deployed in glassfish.
In the login page i have a button (login). if in the "action button" want redirect to "navigation rule" no problem, but when i associate it with "Managed Bean" and "isUser"(Data Control) i do not see the button. Any idea? thanks, regards.

rachid said...

Hi, I have installed web logic, the Oracle WC portal, what are the next steps

Andrejus Baranovskis said...

It depends, what you want to do?