Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Update for Red Samurai Performance Audit Tool - v 2.3

Christmas time and we have update for our performance audit tool. Previous version - Major Release for Red Samurai Performance Audit Tool v 2.0, is updated with additional functionality to track ADF BC activation impact for your ADF application runtime performance. Added functionality is based on the method described in my previous blog post - Update For: Recording ADF BC View Object Instance Activation Time. You could try it yourself.

I will go through couple of screens, where new functionality is included. There is a new tab with a graph displaying distribution of activation events across Application Modules:

New drill down graph - displaying activation events grouping based on activation time per event, records fetched and number of VO instances involved. User can select specific event and see in the details table information about each VO instance participating in the given event:

Drill down graph for slow query is improved - user can see selected Application Module, there is new option to see details data in the table view:

The same updates - graph selection and additional table to view details data, was added for large fetch drill down:

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