Monday, December 8, 2014

ADF Mythbusters UKOUG'14

I would like to post the slides from our recent session on UKOUG'14 conference - ADF Mythbusters. This session was presented by my colleague from Red Samurai Consulting - Florin Marcus. The goal was to break popular ADF myths. We have logged Oracle Support SR's, each myth in the slide is assigned with SR number.

Slides are available on SlideShare:

The following topics are covered in the presentation:
  • ADF BC Batches Of Functionality
  • AM Pools and DB Connection Pools
  • Activation-Safe Application Modules
  • Maximum Number of Regions Per Page
  • JSP vs Facelets
More detailed description and analysis data are available in the slides.


Koen Verhulst said...

Great slides!

On our 12c project - with lots of concurrent users - we also have good experience setting jbo.doconnectionpooling to true.

I do think this is the way the go if you also other applications connecting to the same database.

Andrej Baranovskij said...

Thanks Koen,

Yes, we are using this tuning option in all our projects.