Friday, February 19, 2016

ADF and Cloud User Experience Rapid Development Kit

Oracle published new set of UI templates - The Oracle Applications Cloud User Experience Rapid Development Kit (RDK). This includes methodology based on Oracle Fusion Applications experience and contains ADF source code. Kit is shipped with ADF application (download it from Oracle site), you could use it as a jumpstart. This could be next UI Shell. It is more than UI Shell, RDK comes with a set of declarative components (header/toolbar is one of them).

I have implemented my own simple TF and tested how it works in RDK. Custom TF can be opened from My Team group, Manage Users item. Home UI in RDK:

Manage Users - custom TF. When TF is opened, in the top area user have possibility to switch to other items (items can be hidden). First fragments brings search screen, user can edit selected record:

UI is adaptive, it stretches according to screen size. Below you can see edit screen. Fusion Applications have Save, Save and Close, Cancel buttons as standard in edit screens:

Complete menu structure can be displayed at any time from top left menu item:

User can select My Team option from the menu, it will render another TF in the main area:

RDK ADF application is shipped with SessionState bean. Menu items can be registered in this bean. I have registred my own TF under existing Manage Users entry (it was empty originally). But you could create new menu items by adding new entries into SessionState bean:

Custom TF is created in the new project - UsersUI, it is dependent on ADF BC from UsersModel project:

TF is based on two fragments - search and edit:

Page header can be set with declarative component:

Toolbar buttons Save, Save and Close, Cancel are rendered by the same declarative component where page header is set:

Download RDK application with my custom TF -

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Anonymous said...

Dear Andrejus,

Thanks for a great post. i have two question:
1. i changed the connection credential but still this error appears:
Caused By: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: While trying to lookup 'jdbc.HrDS' didn't find subcontext 'jdbc'. Resolved ''; remaining name 'jdbc/HrDS'

2.i have created and added new TF in just as you mentioned but while running i haven't see any new function and i also replace it with your line of code but it still appears and havn't show new one.

Thanks in advance.