Saturday, October 15, 2016

JDeveloper Bug and Workaround - Wrong Instance Name for Method Action Binding

After upgrade to JDeveloper I have noticed issue related to Method Action binding instance name. This is not ADF bug, but JDeveloper bug. JDeveloper sets incorrect name for Method Action binding instance name.

If you are going to create custom method in VO/AM and expose it through interface to be called in bindings layer - there will be similar error as below on runtime:

Source of this error is in the method binding definition:

Go to page definition source view and you will find instance name highlighted with warning. JDeveloper is able to recognize invalid expression, but still it generates it. ADF runtime quality is improved, but can't say the same about JDeveloper IDE. Oracle focus is on Cloud, but still there is a lot to do to improve development tools quality:

Expression must be replaced manually to correct one (the one previous JDeveloper version used to generate) - data.DataControlName.VOInstanceName:

With correct expression for instance name, custom method is invoked correctly without error:

Download sample application -


Torsten Kleiber said...

Have you an open bug for this? We need this for our development too.

Andrej Baranovskij said...

No, didnt open bug. Please open it, if you have time.


Tarun K said...

Hello Andrejus,

Thanks for all your amazing knowledge that you share. This is totally unrelated but wanted to ask you, what could be the future with Oracle from a developer's point of view? I'm an ADF Developer and I see jobs going down with time, what do you think is the next good and reliably big thing that I can learn?


Andrej Baranovskij said...

I think you should stick with Oracle Development Tools and Frameworks. ADF is strategic Oracle framework for backend systems.


Unknown said...

Thanks a lot and a lot This Help Many people interested in ADF this problem many suffer from it special if you see adf insider taskflow as he use this drag and drop method to method to taskflow special thanks the error code for this problem is "JBO-25003" so this may help Others

again thank a lot