Sunday, September 17, 2017

ADF BC REST Service from ADF Library JAR

I had assignment to enable ADF BC REST for existing ADF application, which was developed with multiple ADF libraries. ADF BC REST was supposed to be enabled for one of the ADF libraries and then accessed through Master application. All ADF BC REST samples usually show how to enable REST inside Master application itself. I was curious if it will work to enable ADF BC REST and package it into ADF library, which is consumed from Master application. It worked and I would like to share sample app.

Sample app is based on two JDEV projects - library and master applications. Library application contains ADF BC REST implementation for Employees VO:

ADF Library is generated out of ViewController project, ADF BC REST is packaged through dependency:

Model (enabled with ADF BC support) project in Master application imports ADF library:

Run Master application by running REST project. There is improvement in JDEV comparing to - re-deployment works even if dependent ADF library was changed (this is very useful fix - saves a lot of time during development):

REST response is received:

Download sample application -


Basil Paul said...

I have created an ADF BC REST Service with Application Module.
1. Is this a stateless application?
2. Since we have an application module, do I have to bother about am pooling?
3. I want to authenticate the requests though token-based authentication but I am failed to
find a method to implement it.
Can you please share some ideas to implement token based authentication?

Andrej Baranovskij said...

ADF BC REST is stateless - yes.


Vish said...

I need to create a simple Jersey rest client to post the ADFBC tables data to Elastic search manually, Can you please share the sample application?