Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Oracle SOA Suite 11g Technology Preview - Configuration Hint

I was recently configuring Oracle SOA Suite 11g on my computer and I have faced configuration related problem. Want to describe it and give hint how not to face it.

Problem description:

1. SOA Suite configuration is failing with message - Configuring SOA Infrastructure has FAILED

2. In startsoa.log there are only two strange lines printed:

Exception in thread "main"

And no more information about problem :-)

Ok, I have found solution in Release Notes for SOA Suite 11g Technology Preview 3 update 1. It seems problem was in spaces in JDEV_USER_DIR path. In order to change home directory you need to open \jdev\bin\jdev.boot file and change value for ide.user.dir variable.

After those changes, I configured Oracle SOA Suite 11g Technology Preview successfully.

Complete Guide for Oracle SOA Suite 11g Technology Preview configuration you can get on OTN.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andrejus,
I have no idea how to ask you some doubts related to ADF faces. SO here I am putting it.
"How can I disable client as well as server side validation for a form submit. I believe its a pretty obvious requirement. Ex: I have a selectOneChoice dropdown in a form. The value in the form defines which fields to render and which fields not to. Now I have auto submit = true so that when I change value in dropdown i execute the my logic in valueChangeListener. But when ever I change the value it does a client validation (Popup asks me to fill in all required fields) and server validation (if any mandatory field in EO is not populated).
How can I suppress my client side and server side validation? I have tried keeping auto submit = true and immediate=true. (even this is not helping, may be beacause I have other required field's immediate = true as well. They are again some dropdowns and have their autom aubmit as true).
Op top of that when I put every field and not required, on toggling my dropdown values I get erros from EO/VO about some required values not beting set. I would also want to disable this server side validation. All I looking to have all these validations only when I press commit...!"


Andrej Baranovskij said...

Hi Anupam,

I know solution for your problem, you need to remove validation constraints on Entity object.

I was doing something very similar in my previous blog post: Hints for List-Of-Values (LOV) in JDeveloper 11g TP3.