Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On My Way to San Francisco Oracle Open World 2010

I was busy with preparations for Oracle Open World 2010 session - Developing Large Oracle Application Development Framework 11g Applications. I want to introduce session flow and topics I will talk/demo about.

First part of this session will be dedicated to production project with ADF 11g deployment. I will connect through VPN and show how cool ADF 11g production application works and looks !

I will talk about ADF 11g architecture and implementation best and bad practices.

Third and main part will be focused on technical samples and examples. Will be explained how to control Passivation/Activation life cycle in ADF BC through Application Module Pools:

You will see how to avoid NullPointer exceptions like this one:

Then I will move to database connection pool management and related ADF BC properties explanation:

It will be explained how to develop applications with reusable libraries and dynamic regions, for both - Model and ViewController layers:

Reusable libraries developed for OOW'10 session - Common ADF BC, Reusable JSF Toolbar, Two Custom Applications with ADF Regions:

One of the ADF Regions:

I will tell you tips and tricks related to ADF Regions and will explain how its better to implement Web 2.0 portal type applications.

Next demo will be for Dynamic Dashboard application - frequently used pattern in Web 2.0 portals:

You will learn how to catch exceptions effectively, when using Oracle UI Shell template:

Finally it will be demonstrated how ADF Contextual Events Framework can be used in combination with Oracle WebCenter to provide communication between two independent regions:

Regions will be added through Oracle WebCenter Composer, personalization and customization will be explained:

Special thanks and credit goes to my colleagues in Germany, with whom I had pleasure to work on ADF/BPM/WebCenter coaching recently - lots of great ideas came from there !

See you very soon in San Francisco !


AC said...

I hope there will be a video cast for those who wont make it to SF

Andrej Baranovskij said...

Will try to video record my session and post on youtube.