Monday, October 11, 2010

BPM 11g WebCenter Group Space Roles and State Management

I will talk about BPM 11g WebCenter Process Workspace, but the same can be applied to any WebCenter 11g Group Space. When you configure BPM 11g Process Workspace in WebCenter and run it for the first time, you will experience following scenario with error. We will assume, there are two users - redsam1 and redsam2, both users can access available BPM 11g Process Workspace tasks:

1. redsam2 user is granted Participant role to access BPM 11g Process Workspace

2. We access WebCenter Spaces as user redsam2:

3. Process Workspace is not opened, error is rendered instead. It says that current workspace is in offline mode and only moderator can access it. Since redsam2 user is granted only Participant role, its why we get this error:

However, I don't want to grant Moderator role to redsam2 user. This means we need to change workspace status to online. This can be done by WebCenter Spaces administrator, weblogic user in my case - from Administration, Group Spaces tab:

Select both BPM 11g workspaces and change status to Online:

Press Save, both workspaces will be Online now:

As a result of this, BPM 11g Process Workspace becomes available to redsam2 user. Because this user is granted Participant role, page personalizations are not allowed:

If we would go to WebCenter Spaces administration screen for BPM 11g Process Workspace, we would see Roles section available. In Group Spaces Services section, Contribute permission is not selected for Participant role:

Let's select Contribute permission for Participant role:

Now we can change layout, however WebCenter Composer still can't be invoked - as required for Participant role:

Now we will test with redsam1 user, who is Moderator:

As expected, this user can change layout, create new pages and use WebCenter Composer to add contents from Resource Catalog:

Resource Catalog is accessible for Moderator role:

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