Friday, February 18, 2011

ADF Faces PopUp 11g PS3 Performance Improvements

I'm sure you already noticed better JDev/ADF 11g PS3 performance comparing to previous releases - ADF 11g PS3 Runtime Performance 2-3 Times Faster vs. ADF 11g PS2. Blog reader was asking, what works faster - to open ADF Faces popup using Java Script or through RichPopup API, using show(PopupHints) method. There is no better way, as just to try it.

Download sample application -, this sample implements both methods for popup opening.

If we test with JDev/ADF 11g PS2, it takes around 1 second to open ADF Faces popup:

Now, will test the same on JDev/ADF 11g PS3, will open ADF Faces popup through Java Script from managed bean:

Now it opens much faster on PS3, around 400 milliseconds:

Let's try to open ADF Faces popup without using Java Script, but through RichPopup API (on PS3):

This method allows to open ADF Faces popup record fast, just around 250 milliseconds:


Martin said...

Thank you so much for the comparison!

Best regards


Sudipto said...

Thanks for this post Andrejus.

Needed some clarification wrt the timings though .
In your earlier post , you mentioned that popups opened in around 700ms in PS3 compared to 1s in PS2 (net reduction of around 30%). This post mentions the same to be around 400ms in PS3 for PS3 , can you please clarify ?


Andrej Baranovskij said...


Yes - sure. In previous post, I was giving 700 ms PS3 on the first opening of popup. Here, 400 ms PS3 is on second or third run, when initial required files for popup rendering are already in cache.

Same applies for PS2 times in this post - times are for second or third opening.