Saturday, April 30, 2011

PopUpFetch Option for Property Listener

With previous JDeveloper/ADF 11g releases it was quite complicated to catch popup fetch event, we were overriding popup fetch listener inside managed bean and processing it. Its a good hint, things are simpler now - there is popupFetch property with Set Property Listener component:

This means, you can associate Set Property Listener directly with popup, and listener will be invoked automatically on popup fetching.

To demonstrate this functionality I have implemented simple filter solution, filter box is opened inside popup and is initialized with currently selected department data, by default:

Default value for filtering is set through Set Property Listener associated with popup, it assigns currently selected department name:

When user selects another department, filter value is reset by Set Property Listener during popup fetch event:

Filter operation is performed:

Filtering is performed, because VO contains WHERE clause with Bind Variable:

Filter field is mapped with variable defined inside Page Definition:

Page Definition variable is accessed through Attribute Value:

Download sample application -

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