Sunday, May 1, 2011

Initializing ADF Task Flow Parameters Through WebCenter PS3 Menu Model

Last week I was integrating ADF Task Flows into WebCenter PS3 menu model, there is one trick to share related to WebCenter PS3 Composer custom catalog integration and ADF Task Flow parameter initialization.

In WebCenter PS3 you can integrate ADF Task Flows mainly in two ways - through WebCenter menu model or through WebCenter Composer custom catalog. Sounds clear, but ADF Task Flow parameters are initialized differently, I guess is a bug in current release. The thing is, parameters are not initialized with WebCenter Composer, as initialized when using WebCenter menu model. However, it still possible to make it work also with WebCenter Composer, I wil describe how.

Let's start from the beginning, our ADF Task Flow contains one mandatory parameter:

This parameter is used to filter employees data:

There is View Criteria defined for this purpose:

Once this ADF Task Flow is included into WebCenter navigation model, we can initialize ADF Task Flow parameter by defining WebCenter URL parameter. Please note, parameter name must be the same as ADF Task Flow parameter name:

This works perfectly, data is loaded and filtered:

Now if we want to use same ADF Task Flow from WebCenter Composer, we need to declare it inside WebCenter resource catalog. Here we have same option, to specify URL parameter:

But its not working on runtime in this case, required ADF Task Flow parameter is not initialized inside WebCenter Composer and region is not rendered:

Is good we can open component properties dialog and set parameter value there on runtime:

We set value to "b", region is rendered with filter and result data:

Region view inside WebCenter composer:

Region is successfully added to the page:

Download sample application -


Valence said...

How can we pass dynamic values instead of the static from an input text field to the tf?

Andrej Baranovskij said...


You can use expression language and reference dynamic value.


Anonymous said...

It's possible to pass authentication detail like username and role to the bounded task flow?


Andrej Baranovskij said...

Yes, of course this is possible.


Anonymous said...

this is off the topic...but how can v integrate Google Maps into webcenter at design time..they cnt be added as adflibjars since div tags dnt work with jsff..

Anonymous said...

Andrejus, You said that it is possible to pass the authentication details like username and role to the bounded task flow. Can you please explain how to do this? I have included a task flow in the webcenter portal page. Once the user logs in, depending in the username, the task flow jsff, through a backingbean will use that username to retrieve some specific information. So how to access the username of the logged in user of the webcenter portal in the taskflow jsff or backing bean?