Thursday, May 5, 2011

Running WebCenter/ADF 11g PS3 on Google Chrome

We had quite interesting issue today, when testing new deployment for ADF/WebCenter 11g PS3 system. Application was running perfectly on standalone WebLogic server and was accessible from IE 8 and Firefox 4 without problems. However, when accessing from latest Google Chrome we were getting JavaScript problems and basically application screens were broken. It was quite strange, because ADF 11g applications are running on Google Chrome without any issues. Issue was reproduced only on Google Chrome Windows platform, not on Mac OS.

I don't know the reason why corrupted JavaScript rendering happens for WebCenter/ADF 11g PS3 apps in Google Chrome (Windows), but I faced it today already second time, I had same issue few weeks ago with another application. Important to mention, issue is occurring only with newly deployed applications. I don't think its a problem of WebCenter/ADF 11g PS3, its more likely something with Google Chrome caching on Windows systems.

Anyway, if you will experience any strange behavior for WebCenter/ADF 11g PS3 apps in Google Chrome on Windows, you should clean Google Chrome cache - all will be working fine then:

It's a magic in its best !

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BradW said...

Hi Andrejus. I saw this today with custom javascript being written. On deployment of new js file, the old one is still brought back into the browser. I had to clear the cache each time!

I'm worried about production and subsequent releases of the application.