Friday, February 24, 2012

Update: How To Fix Data Control Initialization Error with ADF Libraries

This post is update for - How To Fix Data Control Initialization Error with ADF Libraries. It was described ADF Binding Context initialization problem with ADF Libraries and how to avoid it by calling initial Task Flow method through ADF Bindings. As per Frank Nimphius comment - You don't need to invoke a method. Having a PageDef file alone is sufficient for the Binding Context to be created. I have tested - indeed, this suggestion works great as well.

Download updated sample application -

To create empty Page Definition for Task Flow Method Call method invoking Java method, right click on Method Call and choose Create Page Definition option:

Empty Page Definition is created with mapping defined in DataBinding.cpx. I think, when there is Page Definition mapping in DataBindings.cpx - ADF is able to load all Data Controls from DataBindings.cpx properly and its why getApplicationModuleForDataControl('...') is not failing anymore:

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