Saturday, February 25, 2012

WebCenter Portal 11g PS5 Performance Improvements

What's New section from Oracle Fusion Middleware Developer's Guide for Oracle WebCenter Portal 11g Release 1 ( says that there are performance improvements in PS5 release - accelerated performance at design time and runtime. Specifically:
  • Experience faster initial page downloads.
  • Forgo session creation for unauthenticated users.
  • Realize faster creation times for WebCenter Portal: Framework applications.
Besides this information, it would help to have some metrics showing improvement in numbers. When there are no numbers, is hard to say if it was really improved or no. Its why I decided to look into this and post simple comparison numbers with previous WebCenter PS3 release. I will compare against tests with WebCenter 11g PS3 - WebCenter 11g PS3 Performance Tuning and Iterative Development Mode. Download migrated sample application to PS5 -

Let's look first into WebCenter application deployment time on integrated WebLogic and compare it with plain ADF application deployment time.

Basic ADF application on JDeveloper 11g PS5 is deployed in 14 seconds:

Basic WebCenter application on JDeveloper 11g PS5 is deployed in 40 seconds:

This is 26 seconds difference, it grows exponentially with more complex applications - WebCenter application deployment time is quite slow. There is still room for improvement in deployment time for WebCenter. Also, with more complex WebCenter applications - integrated WebLogic server goes out of memory after 3 redeployments in average (while you can do around 30 - 50 redeployments for ADF application before going out of memory).

Now we move to the next topic - login and authenticated session creation in WebCenter Portal 11g PS5. Login procedure and home page load for basic WebCenter application is completed in average 813 milliseconds, 13 requests and 1.2 MB of data:

If we refer to PS3 timing, same action was completed in average 1.18 second, 17 requests and 1.6 MB of data - there is definitely improvement here. Still not fantastic improvement for basic WebCenter application, but at least improvement.

Next - WebCenter Composer opening. In PS5 is completed within 203 milliseconds:

In PS3 it was completed even in 180 milliseconds - no improvement for WebCenter Composer in PS5.

Add Content popup from WebCenter Composer is still not fast, opens in average 438 milliseconds:

If we compare this with regular ADF popup - it opens in 171 millisecond in PS5:

This makes me wonder, why it takes longer WebCenter to load static list of items into Add Content popup.

Something really fun now, simple ADF Task Flow opens in WebCenter Portal 11g PS5 in average 359 milliseconds (it was loading in 360 milliseconds in PS3 - almost no difference)

Exactly the same ADF Task Flow opens just in 282 milliseconds, when running from plain ADF application:

And this is plain ADF Task Flow, think about more complex cases. I think WebCenter Portal is slower to render ADF Task Flows, because its using separate navigation renderer to load ADF Task Flow - additionall processing doesn't come without cost - however this should be optimized and there should be no difference at least for simple ADF Task Flows. If your ADF Task Flow loads slow in WebCenter, this doesn't mean ADF is slow - there might be problems on the portal side.

If we switch from Portal view into Portal Administration Console - it loads average 1.13 seconds, 28 requests and 1.5 MB of data:

It loads same amount of data, each time we open Administration Console from the same session - is not optimized, probably because is doing redirect each time. Same applies for navigation back to Portal screen - each time it will perform complete initialization and load same amount 1.2 MB of data as during authentication:

Long story short - there are some performance improvements (authentication process is more optimized, a bit faster initial page load), but still there is room for improvement. I can give 7 points from 10 (this might be a bit too generous) for WebCenter 11g PS5 performance optimizations.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andrejus,

I am developing a Custom webcenter portal. I have an issue with the URL patteren. The URL for the portal is not friendly.The URL is very long containing jsessionid and afrloop.

EX: http://host:port/context-root/faces/page;jsessionid=lP20PflJncLMCh1bNfh2Qhh9JnPyYQH1n8HG6ylMdJkJ4nYJTbGP!1269228106?_afrLoop=351093247160254&_afrWindowMode=0&_afrWindowId=null#%40%3F_afrWindowId%3Dnull%26_afrLoop%3D351093247160254%26_afrWindowMode%3D0%26_adf.ctrl-state%3D1qvd8aede_4

So my query is how can we get rid of this long URL?

If we can remove the portion of the url from jsessionid onwards, then it will help.