Sunday, March 25, 2012

Red Samurai Tool Announcement - MDS Cleaner V2.0

This is announcement post: very soon, we are going to publish free Red Samurai tool available to everyone - Red Samurai MDS Cleaner V2.0. This tool is designed to work with plain ADF applications, as well as with WebCenter Portal or WebCenter Spaces applications. It allows to delete and edit corrupted or obsolete MDS entries.

You know how often we need to clean corrupted MDS entries, so there is no point to explain offered benefits.

Key features:

0. Works with ADF/WebCenter 11g PS1 - PS5

1. Plug&Play ADF Task Flow concept. Integrate into any ADF or WebCenter project, assign ADF security permission and you are ready to perform MDS housekeeping

2. Allows to search for MDS entries by package path or file name. Supports wildcard search options

3. Allows to delete one or many MDS files during single transaction

4. Allows to view MDS file content

5. Allows to edit and save updated MDS file content

Hopefully this will be life saver for MDS administrators, as there is no such tool available from Oracle (at least for now).

Stay tuned.


Sharat said...

would love to have this :) big thanks :)

Andrej Baranovskij said...


This is already available for download:

Thanks for asking.