Tuesday, June 12, 2012

ADF Query Search and Results Form

This post is update for promised additional functionality based on my previous post - CRUD Use Case Implementation and ADF Query Search. I will describe use case to display search results, when ADF Query is implemented together with ADF Form. This is just one of possible implementations, but I believe it can be useful when planning Oracle Forms migration to ADF 11g.

You can download updated sample application - ADFPageOpening_v3.zip.

In previous version of this sample, when searching result was presented in single row. In order to see additional results, user was using Next/Previous buttons to navigate through result set. This is not user friendly:

Much better can be to open popup with multiple results after performing search operation - this will allow user to select required row from the list and see it displayed in the single record form block in the background:

There is Show More button displayed in the form block. User can open same multiple results block later using this button and select another record from the list.

If there is only one result record - popup will not be displayed and Show More button is hidden:

This logic is implemented inside overriden search action listener, where we check how many rows are in result set. If there are more than 1 row found, it will open multiple results popup immediately after search operation is completed:

There is Show More button, it opens same popup and is rendered if there is more than 1 row in result set:

All described enhancements are available with sample application - enjoy!


Unknown said...

hi andrejus,
i used the demo is perfect but the problem i facing now is I created two tabs with each one with a search
each time i click the search on one tab on the other the input text fields disappear.

any help


steve kalenga

RM said...

Hi Andrejus,
we have a requirement to write custom search. Can we save custom searche's. If so how do we do that.

Also, can we use MDS in custom search. Again, if so how do we do that. Please suggest.

Thank you.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the post.

How to change the fields labels in the search form. The search form shows the same label in the view object which is not user friendly. for example the in Employee table. Instead of (Fname) I need to have in the label (First Name). Note, I could change the fields names in the table but not in the search form .

Andrej Baranovskij said...

You can set a label on VO attribute.