Thursday, June 21, 2012

Radio Group List Support by ADF BC

Radio Group List is frequently used in Oracle Forms application screens. Same construct is supported out of the box in ADF BC. ADF BC together with ADF Faces UI perhaps is one of the best frameworks to modernize legacy enterprise applications and enable them for the Web. I will show you today how easy it is to enable Radio Group List in ADF 11g.

Sample application -, implements static VO with 3 values for Low, Average and High (L, A and H):

Main VO - JobsView, contains one transient field - Status. I'm using this transient field for demo purposes to assign Radio Group List. Transient field value is calculated using Groovy expression, it returns (L, A or H):

LOV is defined for Status field, it maps with static VO and returns Id into Status:

We want to display this LOV as Radio Group List - just set list type to be Radio Group, framework will take care for the rest:

Radio Group List is rendered for every row inside ADF table:

Sample applications doesn't process displayed Radio Group List changes, but you can do it easily based on specific use case requirements.


Anonymous said...


I am using Jdev I have implemented an option list as selectOneRadio using model driven LOV concept in ADF 11g. This is implemented using static list VO. I have a requirement to disable one of the option based on some condition. Is it possible to achieve this using model driven concept? If yes, how?


Rakesh said...


I was using a radio group on page which is obtained from VO. It has 7 Rows.I am able to display it either in horizontal or vertical manner. I would like to know whether is it possible to print first 3 rows in horizontal way and next 3 rows in next line and so on...!!!!