Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Red Samurai Performance Audit Tool v 2.8 - Activation Focus

Here we come again - new minor update for Red Samurai Performance Audit Tool is prepared in our labs. Update 2.8 is focused on more accurate ADF BC activation time tracking. As you may already know, from my previous blog post - ADF BC Performance - View Object Instance Lazy Activation, ADF BC may apply deferred activation for VO instance. If instance is not used in the current Page Definition, this instance will be activated later, when user opens a page or fragment with such VO instance. For more technical details and sample application, please read my blog post mentioned above. We are keeping this behaviour in mind, when logging slow activations, this allows to understand real impact of slow activations and display it in the audit reports.

Drill down graph for slow activations analysis is updated with search functionality, you can browse through activations using different search criterias (such as time, data, VO's involved, etc.):

I'm filtering here all slow activations reported by date. I can see there are many slow activations reported with time close to 0 - 30 seconds. I could restrict my search criteria by filtering activation time in the interval of 0 - 30 seconds:

It is much easier now to analyse and drill down into group of slow activations.

The size of the point reflects number of VO instances involved into activation group. 33 VO instances are involved in this specific case, other details as time, records fetched, etc. are displayed as well:

We have planned several new exciting updates in the future. Read here about features included in previous update - Update for Red Samurai Performance Audit Tool - v 2.4.


Есөн-Эрдэнэ said...

It is so useful.
How can I get this?

Andrej Baranovskij said...


We distribute it to our customers only. We can share it for free also, if you describe your performance problem in detail and we can be sure audit tool will help you.