Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Personalising ADF Query with MDS User Persistence

I bet you are familiar with ADF Query UI having many criteria items. This may look irritating to the users, as there are so many options to use for the search. I will describe alternative approach in this post, with MDS user persistence and personalisation involved. It might be more user friendly, to offer only few criteria items by default and allow to add other items through ADF Query advanced option, together with MDS user persistence feature enabled for personalisation. Post is based on sample application from - ADF Query Saved Search in ADF 12c.

Here is updated sample application, for today post - SavedSearchApp_v2.zip. As you can see, there is minimal criteria set is available by default:

User could add additional criteria items he needs, like Email and save modified criteria for the future use:

Logout/login and personalised criteria for this user will remain available - quite cool. User could work only with criteria items he finds useful, this would make screen lighter also:

I hope such quick insight about ADF Query personalisation and criteria items optimisation will be useful for your project.

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Unknown said...

This is exactly what I was looking for. Very useful.Thanks a lot