Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Better Control for ADF UI Shell Tab Closing Order

This is third post in the series about ADF UI Shell usability improvement, you can read previous one - ADF UI Shell Usability Improvement - Tab Contextual Menu. When you work with Web browser tabs, expected behaviour after closing the tab in the last position is the next tab available on the left side to be opened. However, this works differently in ADF UI Shell and could be improved. I will describe how.

Here you can see three tabs loaded in ADF UI Shell, this comes with sample application - MultiTaskFlowApp_v5.zip:

If I would close tab in the last position - Locations, by default the first tab Departments would be set as current. However, users would expect Employees tab (next to the closed Locations tab) to be set as a current. This is how it works by default, when closing the tab in the last position - first tab becomes current:

In order to fix this behaviour, you need to update ADF UI Shell method responsible for tab removal and next current tab selection. By default, if closed tab is in the last position (there are no tabs further right) and counter is reaching maximum tabs, counter is reset to 0. Obviously there will be tabs available from position 0 and further to the right, however this would set as current tab not the closest one to the closed tab - but just first from the start. Highlighted code is the one that was added by me - when counter is reaching the end, instead of switching to the first position 0, I'm iterating leftwards. Once first tab on the left will be located, this tab will be set as current:

Again, I load three tabs and try to close the one in the last position - Locations:

This time proper tab gets selected - the next one on the left to the Locations, Employees tab:

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