Friday, June 27, 2014

Time Selector for ADF Graph and Data Filtering

ADF graph with date/time data in X axis, could be configured with time selection and scrolling functionality. This could be very useful for such use cases, where we want to analyse specific set of data in the selected period of time. User could select a time range in the graph and display data from the selected range. We are going to include similar functionality into new release of our Red Samurai ADF Performance Audit Tool.

Here you can see example implemented in the sample application - User can select a time range to analyse data peaks, data will be filtered and displayed in the table below:

This is out of the box ADF graph feature - time selector. User is allowed to adjust selection range as he wants - move right or left. Data in the table below stays in synch with time range selection changes:

Another out of the box feature - graph zooming/scrolling along X axis with date/time data. This is quite useful, especially when data for long time periods is displayed and user wants to see changes in the specific period in more detail:

Zooming/scrolling is enabled with scrolling="on" property for 01Axis. Time selector is configured with separate element - timeSelector. You must set start/end interval and define time selection listener, so it could update dependent data displayed in the table (as in this example):

Important thing to remember, when working with date/time data displayed in X axis. You must ensure, duplicate data (using same date/time) is aggregated - otherwise, graph will be displayed incorrectly. You can set data aggregation directly in the graph binding with aggregation type setting:

The last bit - time selection listener. Here you can read start/end date/time intervals and apply these intervals to filter any dependent data. I'm using different VO instance with declarative View Criteria, to filter based on start/end for Hire Date. Setting bind variable values and re-executing VO instance:

More info you can find in ADF developer guide - 24.8 Adding Specialized Features to Graphs. Time selection listener code in given sample application, is based on example from ADF developer guide:

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