Thursday, July 10, 2014

ADF 12c (12.1.3) New Feature - ADF Query Item Reordering and Custom Operators

There are quite many new features in ADF 12c (12.1.3). One of them - ADF Query item reordering on runtime, user can choose the order to display criteria items displayed in ADF Query. View Criteria wizard in JDeveloper is updated, besides Criteria UI Hints (as we had before), now developer have access to Item UI Hints (here you can set item visibility, multiple values selection and removable support). Important addition - new tab in the wizard to define and manage Custom Operators for View Criteria items (this was possible before directly in the source code, now we have a wizard).

Here you can see new View Criteria wizard in ADF 12c (12.1.3) with UI Hints tab for each criteria item. I have set First Name criteria item to be rendered only in Advanced mode, also with removable option:

Custom Operators tab allows to create new operator or update/remove existing one, very useful feature to manage criteria search options:

ADF Query UI remains unchanged (by the way, First Name is not rendered in basic mode as it should):

Go to advanced mode - First Name is rendered now. There is additional button - Reorder. New functionality in ADF Query 12c (12.1.3):

Reorder brings a popup with ADF Query items, user can move Email to be the first item:

ADF Query is updated with the change - Email item is the first:

Even after returning to basic mode - order remains. I believe this will be quite useful functionality, especially for large ADF Query blocks with many criteria items:

Download sample application -


Unknown said...

Cool & Useful features !!
Can the display Name property in the Item UI hints be used to hide the label of the criteria Item?
If I give a Whitespace can the label be hidden?

Andrej Baranovskij said...

This needs to be tested. Probably in the next post.


Anonymous said...

How can i remove or hide reorder button???

ramu katakam said...

Hi Andrejus ,

You are posting very interesting things, I'm Thankful to you.

I Created view criteria with lots of fields, On run time they are rendering in single row. It looks not good with large list..

So can I displays them into 2 or 3 rows ???

For this I searched many blogs but not got solution.

Anuraag said...


To display fields into 2 or 3 rows you need to set parameters such as -->rows="2" maxColumns="2" <-- inside the like this