Sunday, September 7, 2014

Calculating HTML ID for ADF UI Table Row

Each row in ADF UI table is assigned with ID, this is how rows are referenced in HTML. I had a blog post describing how to set a focus for newly inserted row - Improving ADF UI Table CRUD Functionality with Auto Focus. I'm getting ID for selected row using getClientRowKey method and this method returns row identifier, the one which is used in HTML. Blog reader was trying to use the same method to get ID for any row from the table, but it didn't worked for him. The trick is how to construct a key properly, to use this key to retrieve ID. I'm going to describe it in this quick sample application below.

Sample application UI is straightforward - there is Get Cell Component Name button, when pressed it calls a listener method and prints IDs for each row in CompName column:

Row ID's are retrieved correctly, you can see it from the picture below. With the access to the ID, you could set focus for any row cell you want, not only for the cell from current row as in previous post. Printed row ID's:

You must use getClientRowKey method to retrieve row ID. There must be proper row key supplied, to get correct ID. When you are getting selected row key, there are no issues - but if you want to get ID for any row key, there is one thing to keep in mind. You must wrap row key into a collection (for example, ArrayList). Use this wrapped key to retrieve client row key:

Download sample application -

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