Wednesday, July 27, 2016

ADF BC REST Running Live in Oracle Java Cloud

It passed almost two years since my previous post about Oracle Java Cloud and ADF - End-To-End ADF Cloud Deployment Process. There is huge improvement in Oracle Cloud, great progress done in these two years by Oracle. Access and management of Oracle Cloud environment is so smooth now, it is even hard to say you are working with your own on premise servers or cloud machines. This is great, I'm impressed - well done Oracle.

I have implemented ADF BC REST application with JDEV and deployed it to Java Cloud. You can access REST service yourself from this URL: (username: redsam, password: welcome1).

I can monitor deployed application with ADF BC REST through Enterprise Manager in the Cloud. ADF BC REST request/response is going through Oracle RESTServlet, this is visible in the statistics:

There are no changes required to ADF application to be deployed to the Cloud. Simply make sure to provide correct datasource name, to be able to load data from Database Cloud. I have created jdbc/HrDS data source in Java Cloud, to point to Database Cloud. Using the same data source for AM configuration, this AM will be responsible to return data from ADF BC for REST requests:

Database Cloud offers public IP, it can be used to access DB from outside. If you want to reference DB schema from data source created in Java Cloud, instead of using public IP you should use DB instance name (example: RedSamuraiDB) and service name for pluggable DB created in Database Cloud (example: PDB1.ltredsamurai.oraclecloud.internal):

ADF applications deployed on Java Cloud will be fetching data from Database Cloud through data source.

Make sure to define WAR deployment profile for ADF application and specify context root:

ADF application should contain EAR deployment profile, which will reference WAR profile:

Uncheck "Auto Generate and Synchronize WebLogic JDBC Descriptors During Deployment" option in Application Properties (we don't need to deploy internal JDBC connection to Cloud):

Oracle Cloud offers services control dashboard. Here we can monitor active services, create new ones or stop existing ones. There is a list of options how to manage Java Cloud instance. Since my ADF BC REST application is enabled with ADF Security, I could go to WebLogic Server Console and create test user directly in DefaultAuthenticator:

Test user can be created exactly in the same way as on WebLogic running on-premise:

You can deploy ADF app on Oracle Cloud through EAR, using Enterprise Manager (don't forget to activate changes and start application). Application status can be reviewed from deployments list:

Try to access ADF BC REST service and enter redsam/welcome1 for login:

You should see JSON format data in response from ADF BC REST:

Download sample ADF BC REST application, the one I was using to deploy to Java Cloud -

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