Monday, December 26, 2016

ADF REST Framework Version 2 (and later) -

While building our new Oracle Cloud application with ADF BC REST and JET, I have discovered not announced feature in ADF BC REST Starting from ADF BC REST offers runtime versions. This is configurable in adf-config.xml file or could be provided through REST request header. ADF supports version 1, 2 and 3. Version 2 offers better query support, while version 3 provides better response for hierarchical data - 16.5.2 What You May Need to Know About Versioning the ADF REST Framework.

You can specify version in adf-config.xml, as per documentation:

Version 2 offers more advanced support for data query. Besides query by example from version 1, we could use advanced query syntax - 22.5.4 Filtering a Resource Collection with a Query Parameter. For example, like operator wasn't supported in version 1:

It is supported in version 2. I could specify version 2 directly in REST request header as in example below:

Download ADF BC REST sample from GitHub repository - jetcrud.

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Unknown said...

Hi Andrejus,

Just am trying to use the following query string for case insensitive search in Oracle JET using ADF BC REST services.

/Departments?q=UPPER(DeptName) LIKE UPPER('%e%')

Request :

The query parameter was provided but it could not be processed. Query: UPPER(NameEn) LIKE UPPER(%Q%);


Help me out here.