Saturday, December 10, 2016

Early ADF Model Update with Process Updates Method

This use case specifically useful for ADF UI value change listener. If there is business logic to be invoked when field value is changed, we can can call ADF BC custom method from assigned value change listener. However new value is not yet propagated down to ADF BC model - we would need to pass it as parameter to custom method. What if want to have new value to be available in ADF BC model without passing new value from value change listener as parameter? This is possible if we call processUpdates method in value change listener, before calling custom ADF BC method.

In my example -, I have created sample method testCall in VO Row implementation class. This method is accessing salary attribute value from current row. I'm going to call this method through bindings from value change listener and lets see what it will print out:

Let's use value change listener with custom method call without calling processUpdates initially:

Change salary attribute value to call value change listener:

Custom ADF BC method is invoked from value change listener and it prints value before change:

How to get new value in ADF BC custom method, without passing it as parameter from value change listener? Call processUpdates on UI component, before calling custom method in value change listener:

Change value once again:

This time new value is visible in ADF BC custom method instantly, when value change listener is invoked:

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