Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Oracle Java Cloud - How to Create Access Rule for Managed Server

When you get fresh instance of Oracle Java Cloud, you are assigned with one admin and one managed server. If there is requirement to host multiple environments - demo, production, etc. - one managed server is not enough. Is better to run different environments on dedicated managed servers, this would simplify maintenance. WebLogic partitions are not supported yet for Fusion Middleware, so only choice we have right now - different managed servers per environment.

In this short post, I will describe how to enable access to newly created managed server in Oracle Java Cloud. I have created RedSamuraiProd managed server with port 9075 in our Oracle Java Cloud service instance:

To allow access to port 9075, I need to define new access rule. This can be done through Cloud instance control, select Access Rules from the menu:

In Access Rules section, create new rule. Import here is to specify PUBLIc-INTERNET for source, WLS_MANAGED_SERVER for destination and port for managed server:

Once rule is created, managed server starts to be accessible from the internet. So simple and it works!

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