Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Significant Improvement for WebLogic Start-Up Time on macOS Sierra

I have faced really slow WebLogic start-up times after upgrade to recent versions of macOS Sierra. It turns out to be common problem related to JVM start-up on macOS systems, nothing to do with WebLogic itself. Solution is to register mapping between and your computer name in hosts file, read more on Stack Overflow - Jvm takes a long time to resolve ip-address for localhost. This issue seems to appear with newer JVMs.

Originally WebLogic was starting up in 157 seconds:

After config was applied in hosts file, start-up time improved a lot, it is 24 seconds now:

Changes in hosts file - was mapped with my computer name, along with localhost. Same applies for ::1 mapping:

You can get computer name in System Preferences -> Sharing:

Hope this hint will be useful for those developers, who are working on macOS.

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