Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Update On My Oracle Blogging Activity

If you were following me, you probably noticed I stopped active blogging related to Oracle tech. I moved to Medium platform and writing Machine Learning related articles at Towards Data Science. I'm doing this already since late 2018. So, I didn't stop blogging, just the subject is changed. If you are interested in Machine Learning, I will be happy if you follow me on Medium.

Why I stopped blogging about Oracle? There are several reasons:

1. We are building our own product Katana ML
2. Machine Learning is a complex topic and requires lots of focus
3. I decided to dedicate my time to Machine Learning and Open Source

We still keep working in Red Samurai with Oracle technology, but probably you would not see Oracle related articles from me anymore. But then who knows, never say never.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrej, Thank you for all your hard work with Oracle, especially Oracle ADF. You/your blog teached me a lot.
Good luck for your next journey.

Best Regards, Baaska