Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas and Year in Blogosphere

At first, I want to say thanks for all my blog readers. Its almost one year since my first post in blogosphere - Why I'm here? I believe, experience I was sharing during this year, was useful and helpful for readers. Today I want to give some statistics collected during this year.

Blog - received 30,558 visits from 140 countries. JDev/ADF Samples list - received 12,850 visits. So, in total I have 43,408 visits collected by Google Analytics. ClustrMaps service gives 46,603 for and 18,684 for respectively. So, truth is somewhere in the middle probably, in any way next year I will try to double those number by providing even more clear and focused samples based on practical cases.

Visitors map for generated by Google Analytics:

Pageviews are constantly growing. However, traffic is always down on weekends, this means most of visitors use resources on my blog during work time - sounds logical :). Again generated by Google Analytics:

Most of visitors are coming from Search Engines, second place belong to Referring Sites and Direct Traffic is on third position:

Wish Merry Christmas everyone !


Patrick Wolf said...


congratulation for not stopping blogging as so many other blogs do after a few postings!

BTW, I see the same weekend phenomena on my blog too. A massive drop of visitors on Saturday and Sunday.

Happy holidays

Rajender Singh said...

Hi Guys,

Wish everybody an Very Happy and prosperous happy new year 2008!

The moment I read Patrick comments "congratulation for not stopping blogging as so many other blogs do after a few postings"!

The first person which came to my mind was myself in negative way.

I became so busy with other stuffs like concentrating on my wordpess plugin and doing some work related R&D or so.

I really appreciate the way you guys stick to your blogging and never fell short of sharing your invaluable experience.

The thing about massive drop of visitors on Saturay and Sunday.It seem to be very common phenomena and I too experiencing it for last 1 year.



Amit said...

Great Oracle blog..the one that I'll be following regularly!
Congrats on appearing on peer-to-Peer found the blog thru it.