Tuesday, August 12, 2008

JDeveloper 11g on Mac OS X Leopard

I'm using Apple Mac Book Pro for about half of a year, but shame for me all this time I was running Windows OS using Apple Boot Camp solution. This product allows to install and run Windows OS on Apple computer exactly the same as on usual PC.

However, I decided to switch to Mac OS X Leopard and to do my work under this OS. I'm glad for this decision, looks like Mac OS is increasing my productivity through user-friendly and helpful interface environment :)

For my usual work I need Oracle XE database, Oracle SQL Developer and Oracle JDeveloper. Its only one little problem with Oracle XE, since this database is not supported in Mac OS. But, it is supported in Ubuntu Linux, so I installed Ubuntu as Virtual Machine (using VMware Fusion) and configured Oracle XE in this OS:

I have installed Oracle XE on Ubuntu using help from this tutorial - Installing Oracle XE on Debian, Ubuntu, and Kubuntu.

In order to use Oracle XE service from Mac OS, I just need to access database using IP assigned for Ubuntu VM by VMware Fusion:

JDeveloper 11g can be launched directly in Mac OS. Before running JDeveloper, I have downloaded and installed JVM from SUN. In order to run JDeveloper under Mac OS its enough to double-click jdev script file available in JDEV_HOME/jdev/bin directory:

For example, ADF BC wizard with applied Mac OS theme looks like this:

If you dont like it, its possible to use default JDeveloper theme even in Mac OS:

This image shows how JDeveloper looks with Mac OS theme:

And finally, application developed with JDeveloper 11g is running in Mozilla Firefox 3.0:


Anonymous said...

Hi Andre,
I tried to install jdev using the open source software VirtualBox instead of VMWare. I was running into 1-2 issues. Just wanted to know how the performance was as compared to that of windows. I had issues with screen resolution and also with performance. Further do u suggest working on linux env or windows env for 11g.


Andrej Baranovskij said...


Im not using VMware for JDeveloper, I have installed it directly on Mac OS. I'm using VMware only for Oracle XE.

But if to talk in general, from my experience, JDeveloper on Linux platform works more stable comparing to Windows.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andre,

Can you explain which JDK do you mean ?
I try to install using leopard's own JDK 6 and failed.
Try to get it from SUN and no JDK for mac available there.



Anonymous said...

How to install jDeveloper 11g on OS X: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/jdev/htdocs/11/knownissues.html#install4

Andrej Baranovskij said...

There are some additional hints from me in updated post: