Wednesday, August 6, 2008

ADF Methodology For The Masses on OOW'08

Good news for all JDeveloper/ADF developers - ADF development methodology is in the process, Oracle community is defining it and it'll be available soon. You can track our progress on Oracle Wiki page - ADF Methodology. I believe this methodology will help a lot in daily life, since it will be good reference with descriptions how things should be done in JDeveloper/ADF.

I know its always fun to develop prototypes, but when you in real project, usually you need to have some standard about how to structure application packages, how to define names for components in Model and ViewController layers, and how to find meaningful names for navigation links in application Task Flow. Other important area - reusability. Developers always should reuse code, however how its to do better in ADF, will be described in ADF Methodology. Everyone is free to suggest topics for ADF Methodology, just visit our page on Oracle Wiki.

If you will be on OOW'08, you can register here and attend workshop dedicated to ADF Methodology. Also, you can see how work is progressing on Google Groups - here.

I hope ADF Methodology For The Masses will be same cool as songs from Depeche Mode album - Music For The Masses :-)

See you there in San Francisco !

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