Sunday, September 20, 2009

Manual Oracle ADF Application Deployment on WLS with JDBC DataSource

In Oracle Fusion 11g R1 we can deploy Oracle ADF applications on Oracle WebLogic server directly from JDeveloper 11g - and it works perfectly. However, sometimes we need to deploy EAR file manually from WLS console. If you'll deploy your application to EAR file and later will try to deploy on WebLogic server through console, you will get deployment error related to database connection: No credential mapper entry found for password indirection:

This will happen, when Application Module will be configured to use JDBC DataSource (most common setting while deploying):

I have solved deployment error after reading Steve Muench blog post. He writes there about 'Auto-generate and Synchronize weblogic-jdbc.xml Descriptors During Deployment' checkbox. Its exactly what I was looking for, since I'm doing manual deployment, automatic mechanism for Data Source declaration on WebLogic is not triggered and you're getting errors. So, what you need to do is to uncheck this checkbox:

After this change, application is deployed and works properly (just don't forget to define manually Data Source on WLS):

To illustrate the difference when weblogic-jdbc.xml auto synchronization is on, I have extracted contents for both EAR files:

On the left - when auto synchronization is on, on the right - when it is off. You can see that with auto synchronization option on, one additional file is created - Hr-jdbc.xml. This file contains database connection information and creates problem during manual EAR deployment on WLS. When 'Auto-generate and Synchronize weblogic-jdbc.xml Descriptors During Deployment' checkbox is unchecked, this file is not generated and manual deployment succeeds.

Download manually deployable sample application -


kunal said...

i'm trying to deploy my Jdeveloper application on standalone weblogic and i'm facing this problem:-

No credential mapper entry found for password indirection user=hr for data source Connection1

I resolved this problem by:-

1. Right click on Application drop down select Application properties
2. Click on Deployment
3. Uncheck “Auto Generate and Synchronize weblogic-jdbc.xml Descriptors During Deployment”

and I was able to solve this problem and deploy my application but when i run my application

I saw my jsf page but that jsf page was not Rendered and It showed all adf Tags............

Please Solve this problem..........

Andrej Baranovskij said...

May be your standalone server doesnt have same release ADF libs?


Andrej Baranovskij said...

Or JRF template was not configured -


Anonymous said...

Thanks -- this was very helpful.