Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shortcuts in JDeveloper 11g IDE

It happens, when Java developers are starting to work with JDeveloper, they usually complain about the lack of shortcuts in the IDE. However, its not always true, JDeveloper offers pretty rich set of shortcuts. In order to view and manage shortcuts, go to Tools -> Preferences -> Shortcut Keys section in JDeveloper 11g Preferences wizard:

One of my favorite shortcuts is Alt - Home. Its especially useful, when working with large projects and big sets of files. For example, while editing View Object, I can use Alt - Home to show View Object file in Application Navigator structure:

More info about shortcuts and other useful JDeveloper 11g IDE hints you can find on Shay Shmeltzer blog.

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Unknown said...

I use Alt-Home constantly, but I'd love to have a button available in the Projects navigator to turn this feature on permanently. Any file I jump to would be automatically selected in the navigator.

cf. Eclipse and IntelliJ