Friday, December 25, 2009

Installing VMware Tools on Oracle Enterprise Linux

I was installing Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g on Oracle Enterprise Linux 5. Before installing Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g, I wanted to prepare VMware image properly. I'm running Mac OS and using VMware Fusion for Linux virtualization. After I installed Linux into VMware image, I started VMware Tools installation for guest OS. You need to run VMware Tools in order to improve display properties and other guest OS runtime characteristics. Actually, it was my first time installing VMware Tools on Linux guest and I faced one small issue I want to share.

After invoking Install VMware Tools option from VMware menu:

You will see VMware Tools image will be opened inside Linux:

I was extracting installation archive directly inside VMware Tools image and it was my mistake - when you want to run VMware Tools installation, you should copy installation package inside guest OS folder structure (for example tmp folder) and run it from there.

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