Thursday, December 31, 2009

Data Control Edit Definition Feature in JDeveloper 11g

There is one extremely useful feature in JDeveloper 11g - Edit Definition for Data Control elements. I didn't noticed it before and same time I heard many requests for this functionality. I was happy when I discovered it.

Its often we need to navigate to View Object directly from ViewController layer, its especially painful in big projects. However, instead investigating application structure manually, developer can easily do it with JDeveloper wizard - just right click Data Control element and select Edit Definition option:

Corresponding View Object will be opened immediately:

Same functionality can be invoked from Data Control available in Page Definition file:

Enjoy !

Its my last post this year.

I wish you great 2010 and see you next year ! :-)

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Anonymous said...

I've 2 datacontrols for 2 identical tables (Table 1 and Table2) and 1 ADF table (T1). How can I change the datacontol for the ADF table when a button is pressed?