Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oracle ADF Insider Essentials - Build Your ADF Skills

Make sure to read latest blog post from Grant Ronald - Learning the essential Oracle ADF skills, about ADF Insider Essentials.

Year ago or so, I was discussing with Grant different approaches of helping developers to learn ADF easier. Based on my ADF training experience, I have suggested that standard Oracle training material in most of the cases is too dry and lacks real world examples. Some sort of practical tasks for after class exercises would be great. Nice to see this idea is implemented and available for community now.

I recommend to go through and complete exercises from ADF Insider Essentials after you will pass in class ADF training lectures.


Koke Laast said...

Hi, Andrejus.

I have seen so many people thank you for just asking you for something else. I want to thank you and nothing else. A BIG THANK YOU.

Andrej Baranovskij said...

Thanks to you for reading. Its why I'm motivated to post more and more technical articles ;)

Hasim said...

Thanks a lot from me too dude.