Tuesday, March 1, 2011

WebCenter Document Management ADF Task Flows Without Oracle UCM

Primarily we are using WebCenter Document Management ADF Task Flows in connection with Oracle UCM product - Oracle Universal Content Management 11g and Oracle ADF/WebCenter 11g Integration. However, we are not constrained if there is no Oracle UCM available, it is possible to use as document repository regular file system storage. You will not be able to do indexing, document management performance will not be so good as in Oracle UCM, but still it will work. Let's look - how it works.

Download sample application - WCDocManagementFS.zip. This sample as document content repository is using file system connection:

WebCenter Document Management ADF Task Flow is implemented inside ADF Region. There is initialization method inside that region, method is called each time and it created file system folder for current user (if folder doesn't exist already):

Default Method Call is invoking our custom method and passing current user name:

Method is using standard Java IO package to create new folder on file system:

I have generated custom Data Control for this class, in order to call this method through Data Control bindings:

Method becomes available in Data Control and can be called through ADF bindings:

WebCenter Document Management ADF Task Flow configuration obtains resourceId value dynamically, from our custom bean based on current user name. This allows to restrict unique folder view per each user:

Now we login into application - user redsam1:

File system folder is created automatically:

We can upload document:

User can view uploaded documents, but is restricted to open other users folders:

Disclaimer: File System adapter is not supported for production use and supported only for use during development in JDeveloper, according to Oracle WebCenter Developer Guide section - 26.2.3 How to Create a Content Repository Connection Based on the File System Adapter. However, technically it works on production deployment as well. I don't recommend one approach over another, decide on your own, if you want to use File System adapter and possibly migrate to UCM in the future.

Production environment test for File System adapter:

1. File system connection is define on Oracle Enterprise Linux:

2. Application is deployed on production WebLogic server:

3. WebCenter Document Management ADF Task Flow works well and access to File System is done successfully:

4. We can upload file:

5. User folder is created on file system:

6. File is uploaded on file system as well:


Richard Gmail said...

Labas Andrejus,

Great post, can you tell me what password is set on the redsam users?


Andrej Baranovskij said...

Sveikas Richard :)

Password for both users - welcome1


Angshu said...


I am comparatively new to this field. I was looking for some pointer where I can do the same thing in the UCM. But, problem is, nowhere I am getting the way to create the user based folder structure inside UCM. Can you please provide some pointer on this.