Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Oracle Open World 2011 Slides - Texas A&M University System Architecture: Oracle ADF, Oracle WebCenter Portal and Content

Posting slides from Oracle Open World 2011 event. Together with Sreeja Sreekumaran, Technical Lead, TEES, Texas A&M University System, we were presenting production system and explaining technical implementation. We were focusing on:
  • RSS Feeds and WebCenter MDS customization
  • WebCenter Portal Framework Menu
  • Red Samurai Messaging based on WebCenter API

  • Advanced WebCenter Composer
  • UCM Content Presenter
It was exciting session, we completed five live demos, there was no single exception or error. Sreeja was doing production system demo and explaining various functionalities, I was talking about technical tips and tricks.

You can download our session slides - each demo is supported with a link from the blog. It describes in detail presented solution and its implementation, sample application code is available as well.

Stay tuned - soon I will upload a set of video files for this session.

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